PHOTOS: Man Shot Dead By Police After Being Labelled A Thief By Customs Officials

A man has been allegedly killed by police officers at a checkpoint on his way to Zamfara state. According to Hassan Sidi, the man was driving a hilux van conveying rice when he approached customs officials at a checkpoint who allegedly requested a bribe from him.

According to information gathered, the driver and father of three children offered to give the customs agents N1000 but they declined and asked him to add extra N500. He reportedly ignored them and drove away.

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The customs officials were said to have notified the police who were some meters away that a criminal with a stolen vehicle was approaching them.

On sighting the said vehicle, the police operatives at their checkpoint opened fire on him. He reportedly lost control and crashed the vehicle as he came out alive to explain he’s not a thief.

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The policemen were said to have shot at him again – killing him in the process.

May his soul rest in peace.

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